5% of Ontario


Fruits, vegetables, grains and livestock for food, fuel and fibre are grown right here at home.


Acres of farmland lost every day.

Roughly 246 football fields or 9 family farms. Every day.

5% of Ontario

How large is 319 acres?

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Groceries in a paper bag


People make their living and support their families from local farms and food.

In fact, agriculture and agri-food processing is the Number 1 economic driver in Ontario.


Acres of productive farmland lost since 1996.

That’s roughly the combined size of Toronto, Peel Region, Halton Region, Waterloo Region, Hamilton and Niagara Region - combined.

Groceries in a paper bag

People across Ontario have signed our government petition.

And still growing! 100 new people have signed it every day since we started this campaign.